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    CCM Runs CIM

    Take a peek at all the awesome of our four CCM teams running 26.2 miles together! Go Team CCM!

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    Cap City Moms Book Club

    Get the latest news on what the Cap City Moms are reading! Join us at our bi-monthly book club meetings to discuss all we’ve read and so much more.

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You Have Such A Pretty Face, Or What’s In My Makeup Bag

Not very many people tell me I’m beautiful.  Which is fine.  But A LOT of people tell me my makeup is awesome.  This is also fine.  I have decided that people saying my makeup is awesome is the same thing as telling me I’m pretty.  Silver linings people.  My makeup bag is like an appendage […] Read more…


The Reality of Two Kids

The thing about having (only) two kids is the emotional roller coaster of life’s milestones. There is no buffer between your oldest and your youngest. You have your first baby and your last baby. And this experience of only first and lasts is simultaneously beautiful and awful. There doesn’t feel like there is any time […] Read more…


Put an Egg on it

I’m curious…what does Easter look like at your house?  This is the second year that I have not decorated for spring/Easter and I keep trying to feel bad about it, but I just can’t seem to. (Don’t worry, I feel guilty about TONS of other things so I figure it all works out somehow.) I […] Read more…

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Mom Moment

As “old” as they are, I love that my kids still look up to see if I saw them cross the finish line or make that amazing play. But I wonder if they know how proud I am of them each and ever time. Every Catch. Every heat. Every finish line. Damn, these kids are […] Read more…

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