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    CCM Runs CIM

    Take a peek at all the awesome of our four CCM teams running 26.2 miles together! Go Team CCM!

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    Cap City Moms Book Club

    Get the latest news on what the Cap City Moms are reading! Join us at our bi-monthly book club meetings to discuss all we’ve read and so much more.

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WEEK ONE: Checking In

We are close to being done with Week 1 of the CCM Healthy Train. HOW ARE YOU DOING??  Not gonna lie, this week was HARSH. And, not to be THAT PERSON, but going to Kaia, and getting my healthy on each day is the only thing that saved my sanity. (I’m sorry. You can punch […] Read more…


CCM Healthy Train: WEEK 1

The CCM Healthy train is on the move! Week 1 is all about setting your goals and what you want to accomplish during the next eight weeks! Take a general goal that you have and then list specific steps you are going to take to reach that goal! Be sure that your goals are measurable AND […] Read more…


What is Life

Every conversation leads back to graduation these days. Graduation and college and when does she leave? I feel like I’m constantly annoying and obnoxious about all of this. I feel like I have been for years. But even when I try to NOT talk about it, inevitably I get asked about it. (So for everyone […] Read more…

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