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    CCM Runs CIM

    Take a peek at all the awesome of our four CCM teams running 26.2 miles together! Go Team CCM!

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    Cap City Moms Book Club

    Get the latest news on what the Cap City Moms are reading! Join us at our bi-monthly book club meetings to discuss all we’ve read and so much more.

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A couple weeks ago, Sarah and I were driving to up to see our dear friend (Hi, Anne!) and to get our hairs did. (Um, yes we often schedule our appointments together. We’re super annoying like that.)  In her infinite wisdom, Sarah chose a 90’s playlist on Google Play and it was like a musical […] Read more…


Namaste Motherf*%#er

This morning I was scrolling through my Facebook feed trying to avoid doing, you know, actual work when I came across this article about lawmakers in Montana attempting to pass a bill that would basically criminalize yoga pants. My first thought was, of course, WHAT THE F*%KITY F*%K?  My second thought was, I would be naked most […] Read more…


The Obstacles That Moms Build

Several months ago, Sarah and I joined the FB group for the Roseville/Rocklin Moms Run This Town. It’s been pretty amazing to see this group of women be partners in crime and the best cheerleaders to everyone in the group. As welcoming and awesome as everyone seemed online, we never joined in on any of […] Read more…

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