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    CCM Runs CIM

    Take a peek at all the awesome of our four CCM teams running 26.2 miles together! Go Team CCM!

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    Cap City Moms Book Club

    Get the latest news on what the Cap City Moms are reading! Join us at our bi-monthly book club meetings to discuss all we’ve read and so much more.

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Book Club Infidelity

I have been cheating on our Book Club. (I mean, not with another book club.) (Like I could ever find another book club.) (I couldn’t. Ever.) But I haven’t exactly been faithful to our book club LIST this year. It’s not that I don’t WANT to be faithful…it’s just. Well, life has been kinda stupid […] Read more…


Sparks Fly

I listen to all kinds of music. I always have. Whether it’s classical or classic rock…show-tunes or rap…hard rock or alternative…my playlists are eclectic and probably A LOT weird. I like it.  Music has always been a huge part of our family and it is important to me that my kids have a similar exposure […] Read more…


Week 4 – Smells Like TEAM Spirit!

   Here we are on Week 4! This week we remember that no mom is an island! Use the buddy system…phone a friend! Remember that it’s OKAY if you work better when someone is encouraging you or meeting up with you for a run, walk, or workout. Not all peer pressure is bad! We will […] Read more…

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